Alfred Vargas

Alfred Vargas is a family man, a Public Servant, an Actor, a civic organization leader and so much more!

Congressman Alfred Vargas is the founding representative of the 5th District of Quezon City. 

Currently on his second term of office, Rep Alfred Vargas has been hard at work to help build and establish his district through his legislative mandate, infrastructure projects, social services and other projects offered in in his district.

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Ako Si Pidong

Representative Alfred Vargas; also fondly called “Pidong” by his grandmother, recently filed his candidacy for his third term as representative of the 5th District of Quezon City. Given his legislative track record and progressive projects in his district, he is hopeful another chance and to have more time to be able to be of service to his dear Novaleños.

A Young Legislator

A Young Legislator

Being such a young, dynamic and hardworking public servant, Rep Alfred Vargas is currently part of the top 10 legislators (out of 303 representatives) in Congress; with a total of 20 laws passed, 299 house bills filed, 18 house resolutions adopted, and 53 house resolutions filed.

Since the start of his term of office he has pursued various advocacies by creating measures to alleviate poverty, promote the development of our youth through education, push for the welfare of senior citizens and persons with disabilities, improve disaster resilience, enhance cancer health care, promote the development of the film industry and more through his legislative mandate and various legislative measures filed.

In the House of Representatives, Vargas was appointed as Vice Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations and membership to important committees such as Basic Education and Culture; Ecology; Government Enterprises and Privatization; Housing and Urban Development; Information and Communications Technology; Legislative Franchises; Metro Manila Development; National Defense and Security Natural Resources; Science and Technology; Transportation and Youth and Sports Development.

Representative Alfred Vargas has been able to file 20 House Bills which are now enacted laws. Some of these laws include the following:

  • RA 10679: Youth Entrepreneurship Act
  • RA 10645: Mandatory Philhealth Coverage for All Senior Citizens
  • RA 10644: Go Negosyo Act
  • RA 10648: Iskolar ng Bayan Act
  • RA 10931: Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education
  • RA 10687: Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (UNIFAST) Act
  • RA 10667: Philippine Competition Act
  • RA 11036: Philippine Mental Health Law
  • RA 11039: Electric Cooperatives Emergency and Resilience Fund
  • RA 20668: An Act Allowing Foreign Vessels to Transport and Co-load Foreign Cargoes for Domestic Transhipment
  • RA 11165: An Act Institutionalizing Telecommuting as an Alternative work arrangement for Employees in the public Sector. 


On top of theses enacted laws, here are some of his landmark bills: 

  • HB 72: An Act Institutionalizing the Grant of Student Fare Discount Privileges on Public Transportation
  • HB 6153: An Act Institutionalizing the National Integrated Cancer Control 
  • HB 1382:An Act Increasing the Maternity Leave Period to One Hundred Days (100) for Female Employees in the Government Service and Private Sector
  • HB 74: An Act Establishing SPED Centers for Children with Special Needs in Public Schools Divisions
  • HB 1386: An Act Declaring La Mesa Dam Ecopark as a Tourist Site


Driven by his passion for creating positive change here as some bills in line with his various advocacies:

1. Anti- Poverty and Development Measures

  • HB 73: An Act Institutionalizing the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program 
  • HB 5347: An Act Establishing a Local Government Resettlement Program for On-Site, In-City, or Near-City Resettlement for Informal Settler Families
  • HB 5728: An Act Establishing Free Access to Technical Vocational Education and Training
  • HB 5841: An Act Institutionalizing a Telecommuting Employment Program or “Work-from-Home”
  • HB 7880: An Providing for a Magna Carta of Workers in the Informal Economy 
  • HB 5494: An Act Establishing a Job Training Program for Mature or Older Workers


2. Youth, Education and Culture

  • HB 1389: An Act Institutionalizing Scholarship Grants to Public School Teachers and Their Children
  • HB 5709: An Act Establishing a Crisis Center for Street Children in Every Region
  • HB 7905: An Act Creating Plantilla Positions in Dep.Ed for Volunteer Teachers
  • HB 1825: An Act Institutionalizing Night Classes in all Elementary and High School Facilities Nationwide
  • HB 7150: An Act Establishing a Cinematheque in Every Region 
  • HB 7823: An Act Granting Incentives to Filipino Filmmakers Granted Honors in International Film Festivals
  • HB 1813: An Granting Free Admission for Public Elementary School Students to all Public Museums and National Historical Shrines


3. PWD Welfare

  • HB 8014: An Act Providing for the Mandatory PhilHealth Coverage for PWDs 
  • HB 74: An Act Establishing SPED Centers for Children with Special Needs in Public Schools Divisions
  • HB 1586: An Act Providing Lifetime Validity for PWD IDs and Additional Privileges for Marginalized Persons with Disabilities
  • HB 4374: An Act Requiring the Use of Filipino Sign Language Insets for Local News Programs


4. Disaster Resilience

  • HB 8165: An Act Creating the Department of Disaster Resilience
  • HB 1812: An Act Providing for the Construction of Multi-Purpose Gym as Evacuation Centers in all Municipalities
  • HB 1379: An Act Including Responsive, Empowered, and Service-Oriented Youth in Disaster Risk-Reduction and Management Councils
  • HR 80: A Resolution Directing the Appropriate Committees to Conduct an Inquiry on the Structural Integrity of the La Mesa Dam during Earthquakes and Disasters


5. Cancer Healthcare

  • HB 6153: An Act Institutionalizing the National Integrated Cancer Control Program
  • HB 7887: An Act Creating the Philippine Cancer Center
  • HB 3497: An Act Requiring LGUs to Conduct Quarterly Breast Cancer Detection 
  • HB 3500: An Act Establishing a Program for Public Education on Prostate Cancer 
  • HB 1851: An Act Requiring the Philippine Insurance Corporation to Provide Coverage for Diagnostic Services for Breast and Cervical Cancer


6. Development of the Film Industry

  • HB 1570or the Philippine Independent Film Incentives Act
  • HB 1571 or the Local Arts and Entertainment Industry Promotions Act;
  • HB 5926 or the Philippine Film Industry Promotion Act;
  • HB 2143 or the Philippine Broadcasting Corporation Charter; 
  • HB 5924 or the Artists Welfare Protection and Information Act and 
  • HB 7019 or the Freelancers Protection Act. 

You may see all his legislative measures here.

A Pioneer in District 5

Being the first Representative of his district, Rep Alfred Vargas has been hard at work to provide relevant service to his dear Novaleños.

On top of is various accomplishments through his legislative mandate, in the 5th District of Quezon City, Representative Alfred Vargas has been able to implement numerous infrastructure projects in the form of 33 classroom buildings, 24 multi-purpose buildings, 11 Barangay Hall/Offices, 39 covered courts, 1 Public Market, 2 foot bridges and the donation of 2 Ambulances in the given district. Among these projects also is the massive rehabilitation of the Tullahan River to improve disaster resilience in his district.

Beyond everything that he has been able to deliver, his district also offers various social services and other projects with his district flagship program being the “Isang Linggong Programa” which assigns a day of the week to focus on projects that serve his constituency like Scholarships (Monday), Medical Assistance (Tuesday), Job Referral (Wednesday), Housing (Thursday) and to cap off the entire week program, his district office is open for him to be able to personally meet his constituents for People’s Day which is on Fridays.

Here are his various infrastructure projects conducted in District 5 since the start of his term as representative in 2013


4 -Storey 24 Classrooms- Lagro ES
4-Storey 8 Classrooms- Dona Rosario HS- Nova Proper
4-Storey 8 Classrooms- North Fairview Elem. School
4-Storey 12 Classrooms- Arsenio Locsin High School- Kaligayahan
4-Storey 16 Classrooms- West Fairview Elem. School
4 -Storey 24 Classrooms- Lagro High School
4- Storey 20 Classrooms- Rosa L. Susano Elementary School-Gulod
4-Storey 8 Classrooms- Dona Rosario Elem School- Nova Proper
4-Storey 8 Classrooms- Sta. Lucia Senior High School
4-Storey 16 Classrooms- Maligaya Elem School- Pasong Putik
3-Storey 12 Classrooms- Maligaya HS- Pasong Putik
4-Storey 8 Classrooms- Sta. Lucia Senior High School
4-Storey 8 Classrooms- Dona Rosario Elem School
4-Storey 16 Classrooms- Maligaya Elem School- Pasong Putik
4-Storey 16 Classrooms- West Fairview Elem. School
Goodwill Elementary School- Barangay Bagbag
Bagbag ES
Odelco ES-SB
San Gabriel ES- Sta. Lucia
Damong Maliit ES- Nagkaisang Nayon
D.M. Geraldez Memorial ES- Kaligayahan
Kaligayahan ES
Lagro ES
Nagkaisang Nayon ES
Fairview ES
Fairview ES- West Fairview
Villa Verde Elem
4-storey 12-classroom San Agustin Elem. 2015
4-storey 12-classroom San Agustin elem. 2017
4-storey 8 classrooms Doña Rosarion HS Bgy. Nova Proper
Rehab of North Fairview Elem. School
4-storey 12-classrooms Maligaya High School


2-Storey Multipurpose Building Beside Sb Plaza- Nova Proper
La Mesa Heights Multi-Purpose Building
Multipurpose Building- North Fairview Hs
Multi-Purpose Building- Sacred Heart Subd. –Pasong Putik
Multi-Purpose Building- Rolling Meadows Ph1- San Bartolome
Multi-Purpose Building- Sacred Heart Subd.- Pasong Putik
Multipurpose Building- North Fairview Hs
La Mesa Heights Multi-Purpose Building- Greater Lagro
Area 4 Multi-purpose building- Capri
Multi-Purpose Building- Barangay Hall-Gulod
Goodwill Homes I Multi-Purpose Building – San Bartolome
2-Storey Villa Nova Subd. Multipurpose Building- Nagkaisang Nayon
Barangay San Agustin Multipurpose Building
Gulod Multipurpose Building
Multi-purpose building 3 Units Outpost- Capri
Multi Purpose Hall- Pocc Covered Court-Gulod
Multi Purpose Hall Queensland- Nagkaisang Nayon
Multi Purpose Hall St. Andrew Covered Court- Nagkaisang Nayon
MPB Queensland 2 N. Nayon 2018
Magno Cmpd MPB 2016
Millionaires Village MPB Bgy San Agustin
2-storey Nova proper MPB 2017
Senior Citizens Hall North Fairview
Grand Monaco Homes MPB, Bagbag 2018


Barangay Pasong Putik Office Extension
Rehab/Impvt Of Brgy Hall – Fairview
Nagkaisang Nayon Day Care Centre
Old Barangay Hall -Capri
Susano Vargas Hall- Lagro Barangay Hall
Vargas Building Senior Citizen Hall- Gulod
Kingspoint Subd. Civic Center- Bagbag
TS Cruz Subd. MPH Bgy. San Agustin 2018
Vargas Hall Odelco subd. 2016
La Mesa Hts MPB 2016
Addn’l 2-storey Health Center Bgy. San Agustin 2018


Sitio Kislap Covered Court- Fairview
Rehab of Centennial Court- Greater Lagro
Rehab of SSS Village Covered Court- North Fairview
North Fairview Elem School Rehab Covered Court
Dona Rosario Hs Covered Court- Nova Proper
Bagbag Elementary School Covered Court
Covered Court- Diamond Village -Kaligayahan
Hobart Village Covered Court- Kaligayahan
Ts Cruzville Covered Court-Kaligayahan
Brgy Kaligayahan Covered Court
Covered Court- Robina- Nagkaisang Nayon
Covered Court- Milenyo-North Fairview
Bagbag Elementary School Covered Court
Covered Court- Milenyo- North Fairview
Covered Court- Robina- Nagkaisang Nayon
Brgy Kaligayahan Covered Court
Covered Court- Diamond Village- Kaligayahan
Bagbag Elementary School Covered Court
Remarville Covered Tennis Court
Gk Village Covered Court- Kaligayahan
Rehab of St. James Subd. Covered Court- Nagkaisang Nayon
Completion of St. James Subd. Fence- Nagkaisang Nayon
Bleacher for Jonaville Subd. Covered- Nagkaisang Nayon
Dormitory Phase 3 Covered Court- Nagkaisang Nayon
Talisayan Covered Court- Pasong Putik
Improvement of San Agustin Elem School Covered Court
California Village Phase II Covered Court – San Bartolome
Covered Pathwalk at San Gabriel Elem School Covered Court- Sta. Lucia
Impvt of San Gabriel Elem Covered Court- Sta. Lucia
Bagbag Covered Court
North Olympus Covered Court
Villa Verde Covered Court
Sitio Sirnal Half Covered Court- Fairview
Rehab/Impvt Of Lagro Covered Court
Joan Of Arc Covered Court-Gulod
Pasacola Covered Court- Nagkaisang Nayon
North Fairview Subd. Covered Court
Palmera II Covered Tennis Court- Sta. Monica
Carinosa Covered Court- Sta. Monica


Capri public market


Footbridge- Kaligayahan Elem School
Footbridge- Sti- North Fairview


Ambulance Turnover- Novaliches District Hospital
Ambulance Turnover- Bagbag Brgy. Hall

A Pioneer in District 5
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A Family Man

Representative Alfred Vargas’ blessings do not start and end with the hats he wears in public. Rep Alfred also enjoys a truly happy home life with his beautiful, loving and supportive wife Yasmine, their two lovely daughters; Alexandra, Aryana, and a recent addition to their family, a beautiful baby boy; Alfredo Cristano.

The hands-on parents raise their children together, instilling values of love, fear of God and the importance of family by the example they show them. His busy schedule is never a deterrent to Alfred’s finding and dedicating time for them – even in simple things like eating dinner or lunch at home as much as he can or attending to simple activities for his kids. At home, the actor and the congressman is simply husband and Dad.

An Actor

Despite his busy life as a public servant, his acting career is still in the upswing – capturing the hearts of the public in his leading man role opposite Carmina Villaroel and Jean Garcia in the top-rating soap opera “Kambal Karibal” on GMA network.

The handsome actor is a household name once again with the moniker “Allan” and “Bebe Ko,” Jean Garcia’s term of endearment to his character in the GMA show. Alfred said, “everywhere I go now, they call me Allan or ‘Bebe ko.’ Nakakatuwa. It shows that they do watch the soap,” he said acknowledging the fact that not everyone gets the gift of loyal fans. “My heart is happy. I am truly grateful to all my fans,” he said.

Alfred made an astonishing comeback on television via the remake of “Encantadia” in the role of Amarro (father of Aquil) two years ago. His presence was so well-received that another project became inevitable. “Kambal Karibal” was that project and the show continues to enjoy top ratings in the network in its time slot.

Alfred is pleasantly surprised at how his audience has patiently followed him and his career even after he took a hiatus from show business in 2010 to pursue politics. “I am just so grateful and lucky to have very loyal fans since my Encantadia 1 days. They have been with me throughout my journey as a young actor, a councillor, a congressman, and now as a part-time actor and producer. I love my fans so much. They are like family to me already,” he expressed.
When Alfred left the showbiz scene to try politics, that arena certainly made a winner out of him, too. He was elected Quezon City councilor in 2010 and went on to easily become the first representative of the newly-created fifth district of Quezon City in 2013. He won over his opponent with a staggering difference of 45,000 votes and was unopposed during the subsequent elections in 2016.


He credits that to the hard work he puts into doing his job, and the genuine service that was the backbone of his programs for his constituents. To this day, Alfred remains to be at the top of his game, loved by his people. Come election time in 2019, it will not be a surprise should the young, vibrant, and hardworking congressman wins handily to reclaim that congressional seat.


Civic Duties and Organizations

As a man with a genuine heart for public service, Rep Alfred Vargas has generously dedicated his life and time to giving back to his community beyond his duties as a Congressman to his district. In 2017 he served as the president of JCI Quezon City Capitol; a youth civic organization with the goal of creating positive change and sustainable solutions in the respective communities that they serve. As a president to his chapter, he led the chapter to significant improvements like increase in membership, sponsors, and projects that lead him to be awarded as “Most Outstanding President (Category 1)” in the Metro Area Titan Awards. It was also during his term as president of the organization that they were able to construct and inaugurate the “JCI Quezon City Capitol Learning Center” which is now utilized by young leaders of the organization to be able to learn and train to be better young active citizens in the community. Despite his vast accomplishments in public service, Rep Vargas has been humbled as a leader and learner in his service in JCI where he lives to heart one of the tenets in the organization being “that service to humanity is the best work of life.”

A Man of Excellence

As passionate as he is in every endeavor he chooses to undertake it is not surprising that he has received various awards like the “Special Award for Excellence in Public Service” from the Aliw Awards Foundation Inc., and the “Huwarang Artista sa Larangan ng Serbisyo Publiko” from Famas Awards in 2012. In 2013, he received the “Gintong Palad Award for Public Service” from MWWF, and the “Most Outstanding City Councilor” awarded by Manuel L. Quezon Bantayog Award. As a civic organization leader of JCI Quezon City Capitol, he received an award as the “Most Outstanding Chapter President (Category 1)” at the Titan Awards from JCI Metro Area in 2017. He also received the “Most Outstanding Public Servant Award” from the PC Good Heart Foundation International and “Leadership Achievement in Public Service Award” awarded by Elite Business and Leadership Awards in 2018.

He continues to fulfill his mandate with his legislative initiatives and progressive local development programs in pursuance of his duty as Representative to District 5 of Quezon City.

Despite all his various accomplishments, awards, and recognitions, he remains, simple, humble and passionate to deliver quality service in every endeavor that he chooses to undertake.

about man of excellence
about learning

Still a Learner in the Name of Public Service

Alfred has now become a master of time management balancing family, public service, acting, business, and studies (he is currently taking up masters in public administration in UP Diliman National College of Public Administration and Governance). When asked how he does it, he replied “I just make sure to set my priorities straight and I sacrifice a lot of free time. This includes social life, vacations and some personal time. I am also quite lucky now to have a very dedicated and efficient staff in the office and thousands of loyal supporters in my district who help me become the best version of myself. My wife and kids are my main inspiration. And I thank God for all of these.”

With everything that he is juggling in his life, Rep Alfred has been seen as a man of great character and convictions as he has been able to fulfill all the important roles in his life and do it with flair and genuine appreciation. When asked how he has been able to do this, he has always given full credit to God and the guidance that he has provided him to be able to serve his will and purpose for him. With that he has been centered and continuously passionate in everything he chooses to endeavor in his life.

Social Services Offered

The office of Rep Alfred Vargas is actively pursuing various social services that can cater and benefit the constituents of his district. You may click below to view more details about these services.


"Hindi swerte or tsamba kundi pagpupursige at pagtitiyaga and daan tungo sa tagumpay."

Public Service Timeline

  • 2019

    Golden Globe – Details to Come

  • 2018

    Leadership Achievement in Public Service Award” awarded by Elite Business and Leadership Awards
  • 2017

    guro ko di marunong magbasa

    Film: Ang Guro Kong Di Marunong Magbasa
    TV show: Kambal Karibal

  • 2016

    AV in Action 1 flipped

    Elected Congressman of 5th District QC 2nd term

  • 2013

    AV 3

    Elected Congressman of 5th District QC
    2013 MWWF Gintong Palad Award for Public Service
    Most Outstanding City Councilor, Manuel L. Quezon Bantayog Award, 2013

  • 2012


    Film: Supremo
    Best Actor, 10th Golden Screen Awards for the movie “Supremo”
    Most Outstanding Councilor, Manuel L. Quezon Bantayog Award, 2012
    Special Award for Excellence in Public Service for 2012, Aliw Awards Foundation, Inc.

  • 2012

    Eastwood Walk of Fame Award, 2012
    Huwarang Artista sa Larangan ng Serbisyo Publiko, Famas Awards, 2012
    35th Gawad Urian Awards –  Nominee Best Actor (Pinakamahusay na Pangunahing Aktor) for Teoriya (nominated)

  • 2009


    TV show: Dear Friend: Karibal
    TV show: All About Eve
    TV show: Zorro Captain Lima Wong (Special Guest Role)
    TV show: Darna
    Film: Status: Single
    Film: When I Met U
    Film: Amamanhig

  • 2008


    TV show: ESP
    TV show: Dyesebel
    TV show: Una Kang Naging Akin
    Gintong Kabataan Award, Bulacan Outstanding Youth Achievement Award, 2008

  • 2007

    faces of love

    Film: Faces of Love
    Film: Banal
    TV show: Magic Kamison
    TV show: Muli
    TV show: Nuts Entertainment
    TV show: Impostora
    TV show: My Only Love
    Outstanding Surigaonon Award for Theater and Arts, Rotary Club, 2007

  • 2006


    Film: Gigil
    Film: Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah: Ze Moveeh
    Film: I Wanna Be Happy
    Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas
    I Luv NY
    Ang Pagbabago (Host)
    Sandwichlandia (Fantasy Commercial Series)
    Nominee for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama series (Encantadia) – 2nd Golden Screen Entertainment TV Awards of Enpress

  • 2005

    etheria 1

    Film: Bikini Opens
    TV show: Encantadia
    TV show: Love to Love
    TV show: Etheria

  • 2004

    bridal shower

    Left ABS-CBN and transferred to rival GMA 7
    Film: Bridal Shower
    Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (Bridal Shower) – Gawad Urian
    Breakthrough Performance by an Actor (Bridal Shower) – Golden Screen Award
    Film: Ang Lagusan
    TV show: Marinara

  • 2002

    Graduated AB Management Economics Ateneo de Manila University
    ABS-CBN Star Magic (formerly Star Circle) batch 10
    Soap Opera: “Pangako Sa’yo” as Dyno Zuryete

  • 1994

    Graduated Ateneo Grade School

  • October 24 1979

    Alfred Vargas was born